The School

de Vere School of Dance was founded in 2016 by Charlotte de Vere with the vision to train dancers who are not only technically sound, but who also have an understanding of the artistry of dance.

The school teaches styles of dance that compliment each other and create well-rounded dancers who have an understanding of the artistry of dance and are able to be autonomous in the drive and discipline required to excel in this artform. The annual show creates performance opportunities for our students, whilst examinations provide a standard for students to work towards and achieve.

The school strives to create a friendly, family environment in which students feel that they can learn comfortably, where there is no judgement, and everyone is treated fairly. Our staff work to ensure that their classes are fun, yet disciplined, ensuring that students receive the best possible dance education.

What We Teach

de Vere School of Dance teaches several different syllabi, we feel that each is one of the leaders in its genre and provides both technique and artistry, allowing for a solid grounding in dance. The syllabi compliment each other immensely with aspects of each intertwining within the others.



ISTD Imperial Classical Ballet

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) is an internationally recognised dance examinations board, which offers many styles of dance, and is popular throughout the world.The ISTD encourages technique and artistry, as well as musical appreciation.



BTDA jazz and Lyrical

This internationally recognised Lyrical syllabus promotes artistry and technique founded in ballet and jazz, beautifully blended to create the lyrical style.


Examinations are a chance for students to take the work that they have learned in class, and be graded on it by an outside source. This provides students with a clear goal to work towards, and greatly improves their dancing as they strive to be the best that they can be. They provide a sense of pride and achievement that they have successfully completed each level, with an official certificate to mark this. Exams encourage discipline, and teach students the life lesson of working hard for results. Students learn that they must build and master the foundations of each step before learning the next.